Roman Catholic Church response to HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe: a theological approach

Francisca Hildegardis Chimhanda


It is more than a quarter of a century since the onset of HIV/AIDS pandemic. Churches, governments and society in general have been grappling with the cure, prevention and care and let alone, the quest for an HIV/AIDS free society. But in accordance with the Church’s mission, a time of crises is a kairos moment that challenges believers to seize the opportunity and the burden of responsibility. The Roman Catholic Church in Zimbabwe is seen to be one of the leading members of the ecumenical Church in issues of education, justice and peace, poverty alleviation and also health provision and care. The article explores the interventions and their theological basis of the Roman Catholic Church in Zimbabwe in a situation of HIV/AIDS. A critical evaluation is made on whether the Church is doing enough and what still needs to be done and thus culminates in advocacy.

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